About Audio Network

Audio Network is a global organisation that creates music for broadcasters, brands, creators and music fans everywhere. They employ over 150 people across the world in nine countries.


Audio Network has a range of managers (some new, and some not so new!) from all departments around the globe, and needed to ensure everyone was on the same page.


We worked closely with the in-house team to build a management training programme which would set the foundation for all people managers within Audio Network.

From discussing what it actually means to be a manager and learning about each other’s management styles, to managing conflict, exploring team dynamics and looking at the role of effective leadership through periods of change – the course covered a huge amount!


Ellie Deeks, HR Manager said: “Combining a mixture of theory, discussion and practical group work definitely helped to keep everyone engaged. Laura listened to our needs (and the many requests for “no role play please!”) and helped to dispel some of the fears around boring, corporate and stuffy management training. Culturally, Kean L&D was a great fit and a total pleasure to work with!”