The Kean L&D Manifesto

We will be:


What we do has to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be life changing (although when it is, that’s awesome!) but we commit to developing and delivering content that motivates, educates, engages and facilitates performance improvement. And we totally own the value in what we do – if you’re a business that doesn’t want to invest in your people they won’t perform to their full potential and that’s a real flipping waste.


We don’t act like we’re some kind of Yoda standing at the front of the room proving how clever we are – we admit we don’t know everything, we allow for failure and we learn. But we love what we do and we’ll keep developing ourselves to help you do what you need to do.  



We’ll lead in a space away from where every person and their dog calls themselves a trainer (or a coach!!) but we recognise there’s not just one route to being a really effective L&D professional.
We’ll keep up to date with what’s going on in the outside world and make sure we know our stuff.


We’ll challenge the tried and tested ways of doing things, but we won’t be afraid to argue that sometimes the best approach is to look someone in the eye and see if they really ‘get it’.


This is our red line. If you don’t care about understanding what’s going on for the people in the room, you’re not going to be able to help them.